Acte medicale

Dear Mrs Aanei
You will receive the invoice concerning the protontherapy at our institute by e-mail; the costs will be approx.  CHF 40000.—which should be settled before the start of treatment.
Please send us your address and phone numbers.
Concerning the costs for the oncological care and eventually costs for chemotherapy at the Childrens’hospital in Zurich they ask you to pay in advance a deposit of CHF 50000.— to the following bank account:
Universitäts-Kinderklinik Eleonoren-Stiftung
Credit Suisse, 8070 Zürich
Kto.-Nr.: 334.939-91
Clearing/BLZ: 4835
IBAN-Nr.: CH33 0483 5033 4939 9100 0
Please note by transferring the money also name, first name and date of birth as well as the reason of payment.
An overrun of the amount will be reimbursed. Please indicate the corresponding bank information.
Please do not hesitate to contact for further information.
Kind regards
Paul Scherrer Institut
Ruth Eggspühler
Medizinische Assistentin
Zentrum für Protonentherapie
CH-5232 Villigen PSI
bilet iesire spital certificat medical certificat conturi hotarare proces verbal 1 proces verbal 2 proces verbal 3 referat2 (1) referat2 (2) scrisoare medicala 1 scrisoare medicala 2 scrisoare medicala 3 scrisoare medicala 4 scrisoare medicala 5 teste histopatologice

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